Newmark J-Corps Intern Application  

The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY partners with employers to create exclusive paid summer internships for graduate students in newsrooms across the country and abroad. 

Our students come ready to work with a specialization in at least one media format — print, video, broadcast TV, documentary, photo, audio or data journalism. Students in our Bilingual Journalism program are trained to cover and write for Latinx audiences. Our Engagement Journalism program turns out reporters with skills in social news gathering and verification, connecting with underserved populations, crowdsourcing, social media tools, design thinking, product development and more. 

Media companies commit to pay interns at least NYC minimum wage ($15/hr) for 280 hours or 8 weeks between June 1 and August 18 (total of $4,200 for the summer). For non-profit news organizations that are unable to support a paid intern, the school has a 1:1 stipend match program for a limited number of newsrooms. If your organization is accepted into the program, the Newmark J-School will match your $2,100 contribution. Each intern you select will work 280 hours, receive a $4,200 stipend from the school and earn three credit hours toward their master's degree.

That money is passed on to our students interning each summer; the J-School doesn't retain any of it. Your contribution to this impact-focused solution helps guarantee equitable, paid summer internships to all of our students -- 50% of whom identify as being from an underrepresented group -- and fosters diversity in the media industry. 

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